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If you want to look and feel your best, Endermologie Lipomassage is for you. Unlike some other methods and products that superficially tackle cellulite or just heat up the skin with laser, radio-frequency or ultrasound for temporary tightness, Endermologie gets to the root cause of the problem.

All treatments are carried out by a fully qualified LPG Endermologie Specialist.

*Results may vary depending on individual

LPG Endermologie Face & Body Treatments

LPG, also known as Endermologie or LipoMassage, is a natural and non-invasive method for body contouring.

The popular treatment stimulates fat cells in the body to help you:

  • Lose fat faster
  • Firm and smooth any flabby skin
  • Reduce cellulite

It’s a regular choice for women in UK that are targeting belly fat, dimpling thighs, arms etc.

Moreover, it works wonders for body shaping, because you get to choose the areas you want to target. (Unlike exercise and diet, where you have no control over which part of your body you lose weight from).

How does LPG Endermologie / Lipomassage work?

LPG reactivates the fat release process (also known as lipolysis) using mechanical rollers to massage the body.

This released fat is converted into a source of energy for the muscles, and the lipomassage technique reactivates collagen and elastin production, resulting in smoother, firmer skin.

The great news is that it’s a natural way of contouring your body (without having to undergo surgery, or use unnatural chemicals).

What is LPG Body Treatment?
LPG Endermologie | Before / After

Who is it for?

LPG Endermologie or Lipomassage is a great option for those that are looking for a multi-effect treatment, as it helps reduce cellulite, firm and tone skin, and release fat from targeted areas.

It’s also great for women that want to avoid any extreme procedures and are looking for a natural, massage-induced method of shaping their body.

The process is completely pain-free and requires no recovery time.

How long does it take?

Each LPG Endermologie or Lipomassage session lasts for around 20-60 minutes.

You see visible results within 3 sessions, and are generally recommended 6-10 sessions to see lasting results.

With each session you’ll notice a slimmer and more toned figure, smoothed cellulite and firmer skin.

What is LPG Body Treatment?

LPG Endermologie Lipomassage

This treatment smoothes away fat deposits in the upper and lower body. It also reduces the ‘orange peel’ effect and re-densifies the skin.

Clients will find they have a slimmer figure, which has been re-sculpted with firmer skin.

LPG Endermologie Lipomassage

LPG Cellulite Smoothing Treatment

By smoothing and re-densifying this treatment reduces the ‘orange peel’ effect and firms the skin.

LPG Cellulite Smoothing Treatment

LPG Firming & Contouring Treatment

By activating collagen and elastin production, this treatment re-densifies the skin.

The result?

A figure that feels more toned with smoother skin.

LPG Cellulite Smoothing Treatment


*On selected packages greater than £500

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Price (for Body)
All prices quoted are subject to consultation.

Treatment for Face

LPG Endermolift, to keep the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and jowls at bay. Custom Facial treatments for clear, fresh and vibrant looking skin.

  • Anti-ageing firming
  • Anti-ageing re-plumping
  • Anti-ageing re-sculpting (slimming/double chin)
  • Décolleté & Bust
  • Total eyes (lymphatic drainage for water retention and dark circles)
  • Eyes and lips (anti wrinkles and circulation stimulation)
  • Detox (lymphatic drainage full face)
  • Glow treatment
  • Peeling/collagen mask
LPG Treatments for Face
Price (for Face)
All prices quoted are subject to consultation.
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