Vampire Face Lift

Plasma-Rich Platelets Therapy (Vampire Face Lift)

Plasma-Rich Platelets Therapy (Vampire Face Lift)

This revolutionary treatment helps to restore a youthful face shape and improves skin tone and texture. Proven benefits include skin rejuenation, wrinkle reduction, increased radience and marked improvement of dark circles around the eyes.

Celebities such as Kim Kardashian have gone public with the amazing results that this treatment can achieve. The treatment price includes 2 visits, a month apart. This treatment can also be used to help combat thnning hair and hair loss with the plasma rich platelets being injected into the scalp area, rejuvenating hair follicles for stronger, thicker, renewed hair growth.

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PRP Theapy Face 2 Treatments£1000
PRP Therapy Scalp 3 Treatments£1500
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