Soprano Ice

Laser Hair Removal

Beauty & Melody offers permanent laser hair removal with the breakthrough Soprano ICE system.


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair and managing excessive or abnormal hair growth. Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

The Soprano Ice Platinum is one of the most advanced laser hair removal systems on the market and is extremely popular due to the comfort of the treatment and the effective results achieved by the machine.

The melanin pigment in the hair attracts and absorbs the energy released by the handheld device, as it is passed over the treated area. The gradual and precise build up of heat damages the structures of the hair, which will fall out over 2-3 weeks after the session. The hair follicles’ ability to grow hair has been compromised so hair growth in that certain follicle will not reoccur.

Before booking in for a course of treatment, all patients are given a consultation and patch test*. During this consultation, the treatment is fully explained and the therapist will advise you on the best course of action.

Patch test required.

Not suitable if you are pregnant, suffer from vitiligo, diabetes, herpes, history of keloid scarring, lupus, excessively dry skin, hyper pigmentation, active eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer or epilepsy.

Certain medications and herbal treatments which cause photo-sensitivity will also preclude you from having laser hair removal.

Please note that you must thoroughly shave the area to be treated either the evening before your appointment or for evening appointments, first thing in the morning on the day of your visit.

The area should be smooth to the touch for laser treatment to be carried out.


*On selected packages greater than £500

Treatment Areas (For Her)

Laser Hair Removal - TreatmentAreas for Women



Just the sides. Targets the hair
outside the underwear.


Targets area for high rise
underwear or swimwear.


Leaves a strip of hair on pubic
bone and removes all the hair
(NOT included perinanal)


Totally bare, all hair is removed
from pubic bone.
(NOT included perinanal)

Treatment Areas (For Her)

Centre Brow
Sides of Face
Full Face
Lip, Chin, Neck & Jawline
Full Arms
Stomach & Naval
Full Legs
Lower Legs
Hands & Feet



Just the sides. Targets the hair outside the underwear.


Targets area for high rise underwear or swimwear.


Leaves a strip of hair on pubic bone and removes all the hair underneath.
(NOT included perinanal)


Totally bare, all hair is removed from pubic bone.
(NOT included perinanal)

Price (For Her)
All prices quoted are subject to consultation.
Read Our Laser Hair Removal Terms & Conditions

Soprano Laser Hair Removal

Salon Policy:

  • We are a well-known beauty boutique salon and during busy times our appointment diary can be limited. In order to provide you and other clients with excellent customer service and access to appointments during peak times, we have a firm 48-hour cancellation policy.

For any changes or cancellations please call us on 0207 112 8478

Cancellations, reschedules & no show:

  • A full 48 hour’s notice of any change to the appointment time or date is required. If less than 48 hours there will be a charge of 100% of the total service cost. If you have pre-paid course it will be deducted from your session.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment (PLEASE NOTE: This includes rescheduling your appointment) please call us on 0207 112 8478. If you are cancelling outside of salon operating hours – you may cancel your appointment by email [email protected] and should be followed up by a telephone call during salon operating hours. Since we turn away other clients to hold your reservation, any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will result in losing session.
  • As we are unable to judge reasons for change, cancellation or non-arrival, guests are reminded that no exceptions to the above conditions will be made and that any booking made with the salon (verbal or written) forms a legally binding contract.
  • Absolutely no exceptions can be made to our cancellation policy because we often schedule and pay therapists to come in especially for your appointment.


  • Please arrive 5 minutes early for your laser treatment. Arriving late will mean deducting precious treatment minutes as each session will be finished exactly on time as a courtesy to the next client.
  • We fully understand that sometimes being late is outside of your control. Allow plenty of time for travel and to park your car. We will always do our best to accommodate late arrivals by performing the most complete treatment possible in the time remaining. Unfortunately, arriving late after the scheduled time of your appointment will result in less treatment length without the opportunity to reschedule. If you have a prepaid course and do not show up for your treatment or cancel 48 hours before your treatment you will forfeit your session.
  • We recommend that you plan ahead for your visit to our salon. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our location, parking, local buses and stations etc.

Appointment reminder by e-mail:

  • If you booked your appointment by phone and gave us correct email address , you will automatically receive a reminder text 72 hours in advance of your scheduled service(s). You will have the option to reschedule or cancel your appointment at that time. If we don’t receive a call to cancel or reschedule your appointment 48 hours in advance of your scheduled service(s), the services cannot be canceled or rescheduled after that.


  • For health security, please inform us, if the case, if any treatment or medication you have to take, since the last session, if anything changed, in order to be able to have the laser.
  • Some medications have secondary reactions, there are photosensitive drugs and you cannot have the laser treatment.

Sun exposure / Skin reactions:

  • Please take into consideration the sun exposure, as you have to have 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the sun, as the laser treatment works with UV and it is not recommended at all.
  • During this time, please be sure you cover up, even when you are walking and it’s a sunny day (ex: long skirts if you having your legs done, shirts with long sleeves, if you are having the full arms done).
  • Due to the hot weather, we would like to remind you to avoid the sun and to come covered in all the areas you wish us to treat during your session.
  • Failing to do so, unfortunately will cause inability to carry out the treatment.
  • Please be aware that you have to use a minimum SPF 40 protection creams, before, after and in between the sessions.
  • Also, if there are any other skin changes since the last session, please inform us and check with your GP before the treatment, in order to save the time and the session.

Refund / Treatment Expiration:

  • Your treatment expires 12 months from purchase date.
  • In exceptional cases, we will add your expired sessions to your account.
  • Full or partial refund is available only if no session was used from this treatment.
Area6 sessions
(20% Off)
8 sessions
(30% Off)
Upper Lip£86£100
Lip + Chin£182£212
Jawline + Chin£220£257
Bikini + Underarms£249£291
Hollywood/Brazilian + Navel Line£312£364
Hollywood/Brazilian + Underarms£312£364
Hollywood/Brazilian + Buttocks£374£436
Hollywood/Brazilian + Perianal£312£364
Full Face + Neck£350£408
Lower Legs, Bikini + Underarms£475£554
Lower Legs, Any Bikini + Underarms£537£627
Hollywood, Perianal & Buttocks£499£582
Full Legs + Hollywood/Brazilian£547£638
Full Legs, Any Bikini + Underarms£672£784
Full Arms, Full Legs, Underarms£672£784
Full Body£1920 £1536£2560 £1792
Full Body + Full Face£2100 £1680£2800 £1960
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Laser Hair Removal for Women
Name Total
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Treatment Areas (For Him)

Lase Hair Removal Treatment Areas for Men
Price (For Him)
All prices quoted are subject to consultation.
Read Our Laser Hair Removal Terms & Conditions
Area6 sessions
(20% Off)
8 sessions
(30% Off)
Ears & Nose£182£212
Upper Cheeks£129£151
Centre Brow£96£112
Hollywood & Perianal£384£448
Full Beard£384£448
Chest & Stomach£451£526
Full Back & Shoulders£672£784
Full Back, Shoulders & Back of Neck£816£952
Full Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms£864£1008
Full Back, Chest & Shoulders£897£1047
Full Back, Shoulders & Full Arms£984£1148
Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arms£1315£1534
Full Body Top to Toe (Excluding Face)£1920 £1536£2560 £1792
Full Body Top to Toe (Including Face)£210 £1680£2800 £1960
Two columns
Laser Hair Removal for Men
Name Total
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You will need a course of treatments as laser only works on hair that is in the growth phase of the hair cycle, known as Anagen. The other two phases of the hair cycle, called Catagen and Telogen, mean the hair is either dormant or falling out; so the laser doesn’t impact it. As all of your hair is in different phases at different times, you need several treatments spread out over a number of weeks to ensure the laser ‘catches’ the each of the hairs in their growth phase at some point.

The number of treatments you will need is dependent on the area being treated; how thick and dense the hair is and your skin type – it varies from person to person. You will need at least six-eight treatments and it will also depend on how often you come back for your sessions. Coarse, thick hair such as that on a man’s chest will take longer to treat than fine hair, but your initial consultation with an experienced therapist will give you an idea of what to expect.It only affects the specific structures of the hair and follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

As with all treatments, it depends on the person and how sensitive they are, as well as the area being treated. We use Soprano Ice Platinum lasers, both of which have additional cooling devices to decrease sensitivity during treatment.The sensation is similar to an elastic band being snapped against your skin, and because the laser is moving all the time, the sensation is well-tolerated by most people. It’s advisable to avoid caffeine before your treatment as it can make your skin more sensitive. You can take a mild pain reliever (Paracetamol; NOT Ibuprofen as this also makes the skin sensitive).

Laser is a clinically tested treatment; FDA approved and has undergone rigorous trials to ensure patient safety and efficiency. All of the Beauty & Melody laser therapists are highly trained in performing the treatments; we take client comfort and safety very seriously and only use the highest grade medical lasers. Before starting a course of treatment, we give each client a consultation and patch test with a 3 day waiting period to ensure skin is safe and the patch test is clear. If you are having treatments with us and happen to go on holiday throughout your treatment course we will ask that you will have another patch test when you return to ensure your skin is ready to resume treatment without the risk of pigmentation occurring.

Before you can shave the day before treatment; not the day of, as shaving exfoliates the skin and makes it sensitive, which can make laser treatment uncomfortable. Don’t wax, as if you remove hair, the laser has nothing to target!

During the course of treatment
You may shave between sessions – do not wax as it will affect hair growth patterns and affect results. Waxing or plucking completely removes the hair form the follicle, and for the laser to work there needs to be a hair present in the follicle. If you have waxed or plucked the treatment area you would have to wait 6-8 weeks for follicles to produce a new hair.

After the laser course is finished
We’d recommend you continue using laser until you achieve the level of hair reduction you’re happy with. Any remaining or reoccurring hair will be minimal; very fine in texture and light in colour so it’s ok to wax these.

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  • Do not bleach or use depilatory cream for at least 2-4 weeks prior to your 1st treatment and stop using for the duration of the laser treatment
  • No waxing, plucking, or threading at least 1 month prior to your treatment and stop these methods of hair removal for the duration of your laser treatment
  • Shaving or cutting the hair is the only method of hair removal
  • You MUST shave the area to be treated 24 hours before your laser treatment
  • AHA/BHA facial/body scrub is recommended 1 week prior to and after your laser treatment
  • Do not exfoliate the area being treated 2 days before and after your laser treatment
  • Laser treatments cannot be done if the client has false or residue of false/natural tan on the area on the day of treatment
  • You must use a recommended broad spectrum SPF on all areas being treated when exposed to daylight
  • No lotions or oils should be used on the area prior to your laser treatment
  • Beauty & Melody cannot be responsible for shaving, this is up to the client. We cannot do the treatment on the day if the area is not prepared
  • Always inform your laser specialist of any change in medication or medical history before your laser treatment begins
  • Please make sure fake tan is not present on day of appointment and has been fully removed
  • Please inform your laser specialist of any tattoos you may have or get through the duration of your treatment including semi-permanent make-up such as lips and eyebrows
  • No antihistimines or anti-inflammatories should be taken 24 hours prior to the treatment

Immediately after your Soprano Ice Platinum treatment you may notice the following normal expected responses reactions in the treatment area:

  • Redness: this can last up to 7 days after your treatment.
  • Swelling particularly in the hair follicle area: this can last up to 7 days after your treatment.
  • You may feel heat and itchiness in the treatment area: this can last up to 7 days.
  • Darkening of pigment: Areas of skin with pigment may appear darker initially. Although these responses on the skin may feel very strong, these are normal expected responses to the treatment. Please make sure you are clear on the steps you should be taking to make sure you protect the treated area:
  • Avoid touching, scratching or picking the treated area.
  • Keep the area cool and wear loose clothing e.g. do not wear tights or jeans.
  • Only Mineral Based Make Up can be used directly after the treatment. All other make up should be avoided for 24 hours.
  • Avoid sun exposure for minimum 1 week after the treatment.
  • Use a Broad Spectrum SPF at all times.
  • Do not apply deodorant for 24hrs after the treatment.
  • Avoid very hot baths or showers for 24hrs.
  • Avoid steam rooms & saunas for 48hrs.
  • Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water for 48hrs.
  • Avoid treatments in the same area such as: chemical peels, injectables or derma pen treatments for 4 weeks.
  • We highly recommend using The epidermal range by Beauty and Melody to be used before and after to ensure you can achieve the best results possible whilst having laser treatment done.
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